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On your own

On your own

It is bounded on the east by the province Monsignor Nouel, the West, Padre las Casas; north to Jarabacoa, and south to San José de Ocoa. It is 1,200 meters above sea level. It is 1.283 meters above sea level, 18 ° 55 'N latitude and longitude 070º 45' W. Their temperatures vary, but the annual average is 18.4 degrees Celsius. In January for example, it may be by 16.3 degrees Celsius and in August by 19.8 degrees Celsius. There are places like New Valley for example, where during the winter have experienced temperatures to 0 degrees Celsius. Early mornings provided throughout the year are much colder. To know what you can visit, we invite you to read the "attractions" of our website info of this site.





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