2do. congreso anual de ecoturismo constanza 2016

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2do. congreso anual de ecoturismo constanza 2016
2do. congreso anual de ecoturismo constanza 2016

For the second consecutive year the cluster Ecoturístico Constance makes this Congress.

CONSTANCE La Vega, Rep. Dom. To contribute to the training of future professionals in the tourism and expand their knowledge about the importance of this activity in the conservation of our natural resources for the second consecutive year the Ecotourism Cluster Constance (CETC) by the Tourism Competitiveness Consortium (CDCT), with support from the Dominican Chapter of the Dominican Confederation of Schools of Hospitality, Tourism and Gastronomy (CONPEHT) is organizing the Annual Congress of Ecotourism 2016 Constance.

In this second installment, which will take place on Saturday April 2nd, from 9:00 am in the Aerodrome Expedition June 14, Congress will focus on the importance of tourism as an ideal way to generate awareness in visitors Protected Air of the Dominican Republic, about its preservation. For this purpose, the Cluster has brought together several prominent national specialists and hospital admissions in the subject, who will share their experiences and knowledge on sustainable tourism management of protected areas and species found there.

Moscoso Puello, the Ornithological Society of Hispaniola (SOH), the Ministry of Environment and Tropical Science Center (owner of the Cloud Forest Reserve Monteverde, private reserve of Costa Rica annually receives 80,000 visitors) Foundation are some of entities who will be lecturing about their conservation projects.

Rafael Collado Abreu, president of CETC, said that this second installment of Congress Ecotourism has as main objectives to promote the interaction of participants with experts in the management of protected areas and encourage future professional generations commitment to care for them; In addition, the option to transfer to the Visitor Center of Valle Nuevo National Park, where they will receive information about the importance of the park to the national life and will be available on the actions executed by the Council of Co-operation for the preservation of this.

The Second Congress of Ecotourism Constanza'16 has the support of the Ministry of Tourism, the Airport Department of Rep. Dom., And several private companies and institutions that practice corporate social responsibility by sponsoring such events.

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