Constance makes press fam trip to show the diversification of its tourism

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Constance makes press fam trip to show the diversification of its tourism
Constance makes press fam trip to show the diversification of its tourism

Constanza, Rep. Dom. With the aim of showing its attractions and the different activities to do in Constanta, Ecotourism Cluster of Constanza (CETC) held a Press Fam Trip which participated journalists and tour operators looking to strengthen domestic tourism causing people know and visit this ecotourism destination.

For three days the journalists and tour operators were in contact with nature and with an agenda full of activities, visiting landmarks of the destination in order to socialize and meet tourism in "The Enchanted Valley Caribbean". Constanza, the third largest productive city of the Dominican Republic after Santo Domingo and Santiago, for its vast agricultural production, which accounts for 4% of GDP.

Thanks to its natural attractions in this area you can take excursions by large areas planted with vegetables and vegetables, meet fruit and medicinal trees, walk the main producers flower gardens or make the most exciting adventure sports such as: Mountain Bike, buggy, four Wheel, enduro, paragliding, mountain climbing, hiking and horseback riding.

Another option is to see Constanza cycle route, a new offer of renowned destination as the capital of Mountain bike whose greatest strength is to allow access by bike to different crops grown in the area, a signposted path to international standards, if you do not bring bike do not worry, you can get hired at the CETC.

Rafael Collado president of Ecotourism Cluster of Constanza (CETC), said this year marked marked a before and after in the tourism development of the destination, this because they already have Strategic Development of Destiny Constanza by the architect Julio Plan Corral, baseline study presented by Lourdes Russa and has been educating the population with tourism culture workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to sensitize Tourism Culture Constanta residents on the importance of treating tourists well and your role in how a culture that will raise the quality of service to visitors. "

He added that these products have been developed in the framework of the "diversification and innovation of tourism and Multidestino Mountain" running with support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the National Competitiveness Council (CNC ).


On this trip the journalists toured Arroyazo, Alfridomsa, hotels and restaurants of the town and did a tour of the city night entertainment venues destination offering its visitors.

Also they visited Valle Nuevo and Interpretation Center, the eco-lodge Villa Pajón and monuments to the Divine Child, June 14th and Francisco Caamaño; The Pyramids and the Hermitage of Valle Nuevo and flower cultivation.

Similarly, they performed sports activities such as paramotor, Paintball and Cycle Route; candy tasted the famous Doña Benza and knew part of the extensive cuisine with local products offered by the destination.

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