The cycle route Constance: A new option for agritourism

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The cycle route Constance: A new option for agritourism
The cycle route Constance: A new option for agritourism

The new tourism destination Constanza whose climate allows the realization of different sports and is also recognized as the capital of Mountain Bike, now offers a family bike ride "the bike path"

Constanza, Rep. Dom. The Ecotourism Cluster of Constanza (CETC) opens Ecotourism Constanza cycle route a new tourism product developed within the project "Diversification and Innovation of tourism Constanza and Multidestino Mountain" with funding from the IDB (IDB) through the National Competitiveness Council (CNC) and the support of the Airport Department Rep. Dom.

Family Constanza cycling trail bike allows access to different plantation crops grown in the area, a paved road and marked according to international standards, while offering direct contact with the agricultural production of the country and productive valley its main actors; farmers, with whom you can discuss the types of crops, stages prices and if you are in collection have the opportunity to take some products.

Mr. Rafael Collado president of CETC was responsible for the presentation of the new product highlighting the importance of tourism in communities and the benefits they can receive further indicated that to facilitate the enjoyment of the experience for those who wish to make the the cycle route map CETC offers travel, bike rental service and the choice of having the services of a guide.

Bicycles are a special model created by the consultants who developed the bike path, with special features to meet the needs of both the field and the type of service you wanted to create, are 7-speed touring bikes and baskets for harvesting.


The opening quote municipal authorities as well as various local clubs and national cycling highlighting the involvement Female Monteo Club, the club Monteo friends, MTB Constanza, who were visiting tourists, cycling enthusiasts and representatives of different institutions were given local.

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